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Servings and nutritional value

250 ml (1 cup) fennel bulb, uncooked = 2 vegetable servings

Nutrients % Daily requirement*
Energy: 30 calories  
Fibre: 3 g 11 %
Vitamin C: 11 mg 20 %
Potassium: 380 mg 11 %

Did you know?

Because of fennel’s licorice-like flavour, it’s sometimes mistakenly called anise. Uncooked, it’s delicious in salads. Cooked, braised or fried, it combines wonderfully with other vegetables and with fish.

Chef's tip

  • Fennel leaves can be used to flavour sauces and salads.

* Based on Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)
Source: Health Canada – Canadian Nutrient File (CNF)

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